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What are Car Key Codes and why do we have to pay for them?

For the programming of keys and remotes to your vehicle a security access code has to be entered before the deleted and adding of keys to the immobiliser system can take place. The codes leave the factory in the vehicle documentation.

Unfortunately as they are deemed “important”, owners remove them from the documentation and keep them safe. Upon the selling of the vehicle they don’t in most cases get forwarded on to the new owner, so when a new key is required so are the codes.

The codes are purchased from the dealer and depending on which manufacturer may take from a few hours to a few days to be received. We can also retrieve the code for you upon payment for the code. (Payment for codes are non-refundable, as once ordered (immediately) cannot be cancelled and payment will already have been taken from us.)

A Vauxhall “Car Pass” with immobiliser code.

A Citroen “Key Code” Card. Immobiliser code beneath the scratch off panel.


For some makes and models of vehicles, our diagnostic software can extract the vehicle security code directly from the vehicle.

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