Car Key Prices

What makes up a car key? What are the charges and costs? Why do they cost what they do? What exactly am I paying for?

The prices of car keys can vary dependant on the vehicles type of transponder technology, the cost of software to do the programming, and the key itself.

So in order to respond to most frequently asked questions, we have put together this page to show how car key prices are made up.

Tibbie BladePart / Charge 1 (Key Blade)

To start with we need the correct key, and it has to be cut to the correct pattern for your vehicle. This is responsible for manually opening the vehicle in the door locks, and being able to turn your ignition on, providing power to various electrical circuits.




4D 60Part / Charge 2 (Transponder Chip)

This is the transponder chip, of which there are many different types. Transponder chips will require coding to the vehicle, in order to disable the immobiliser when the ignition has been turned on.


3B RemotePart / Charge 3 (Central Locking Remote)

Central locking remote fob. Only responsible for operating your central locking system via the remote. (Once programmed to your vehicle.) This is not responsible in anyway for immobiliser operation.



ProgammerPart / Charge 4 (Diagnostic Programming / Coding)

The coding procedure. All transponders and most remotes require programming to your vehicles security systems. It is carried out diagnostically, using sophisticated software to access these systems.


We chose a Ford 3 Button remote key for the purpose this explanation, however newer keys have the immobiliser chip and remote circuitry integrated. Once programmed to a vehicle these lock and cannot be re-used (re-programmed) to another vehicle. Only virgin keys can be coded.

Sadly like any automotive part, car keys do not depreciate in value due to:


  1. A vehicles age
  2. A vehicles condition
  3. A vehicles value

The same work and cost has to be put into making one regardless of the above.

Some examples below of parts 1,2&3 together.


Renault Megane / Scenic Cards

Scenic card





Peugeot & Citroen remote transponder keys.

Ciroen Flip






Vauxhall remote transponder keys.


Vauxhall flip





Prices can vary model to model. Some have 4 different key options so selecting the right key is paramount to not wasting time and money. Many look the same but cannot be cross-used.

We only program compatible new genuine virgin keys to your vehicle, as attempting to program incompatible keys can corrupt your ECU costing hundreds of pounds. So we don’t accept any liability for damage caused by keys we have not supplied.