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Key Repairs

Broken Car Keys

Broken car keys are a regular occurrence. Stressed metal or badly worn car keys can break, or no longer operate the car door or ignition. At Direct Car Keys our auto locksmiths have the training and technology to perform broken car key repairs. We can duplicate a replacement vehicle key for nearly any vehicle. Whether you need a key repair for a Vauxhall or replacement key for an Audi, we can cut a new car key by your vehicle while you wait.

Worn Car Keys

Car keys that have been in use for many years start to show signs of wear and tear. Worn car keys start to become difficult to turn in the ignition and door locks, causing the driver to sometimes jiggle the key or use force. The forcing may cause the key to snap, or damage the lock or ignition. If you ever find the key not always turning, it maybe a good idea to have a key repair done. To replace a car key by simply copying a worn out key is not always an option, as well……we would only be copying a worn key. We can replace your worn car key, with a new fresh cut key for your car, using the latest locksmith technology available to them.

Snapped Car Keys

If you have a snapped car key we can still duplicate a new car key from the pieces of broken key, or remove the other half from the lock. Frequent use over the years can make the key weak, causing the key to snap and remain in either the ignition or car door. If your key has snapped in the ignition or car door our auto locksmiths can remove the snapped key from the lock and replace your key. If your car contains an immobiliser we can replace the transponder chip from your snapped key into your new replacement car key.

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