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Renault Car Key Cards/Fobs

Renault cars are known for their innovation, style, and performance. However, even with these modern vehicles, car key issues can occasionally arise, causing inconvenience to the owners. Auto locksmiths are the unsung heroes in these situations, equipped with the expertise to address Renault car key fob challenges. In this article, we will explore the ways in which auto locksmiths prove invaluable in resolving key fob-related issues for Renault owners.

  1. Specialized Proficiency:

    Auto locksmiths are skilled professionals with a wealth of knowledge about various car makes and models, including the unique features of Renault vehicles. Their specialized proficiency ensures that they can effectively navigate the intricacies of Renault car key fobs and the associated security systems.

  2. Key Fob Replacement and Programming:

    Renault models often come equipped with advanced key fobs that serve multiple functions, such as keyless entry, ignition activation, and remote locking. Auto locksmiths excel in providing precise solutions when your key fob is damaged, lost, or requires reprogramming. They can replace and program key fobs, ensuring seamless integration with your Renault’s advanced security system.

  3. Lost or Stolen Key Fob Solutions:

    Losing your Renault key fob or having it stolen can be a source of stress. Auto locksmiths offer swift and effective solutions by providing key fob replacement services. They have the expertise and tools to cut and program new key fobs, deactivating the lost or stolen ones and ensuring the security of your Renault vehicle.

  4. Key Fob Battery Replacement:

    Sometimes, a malfunctioning key fob may be attributed to a depleted battery. Auto locksmiths can perform on-the-spot key fob battery replacements, ensuring that your key fob functions optimally and preventing any potential issues with unlocking or starting your Renault.

  5. Programming Smart Keys and Remote Controls:

    Many modern Renault models feature smart keys and remote controls that require precise programming. Auto locksmiths are adept at programming and reprogramming these sophisticated devices, ensuring that your vehicle responds accurately to smart key commands and remote control signals.

  6. Emergency Lockout Assistance:

    Accidentally locking your keys inside your Renault is a common and frustrating situation. Auto locksmiths provide emergency lockout services, arriving promptly to unlock your car without causing damage. Their skills and tools enable them to gain access to Renault vehicles without triggering complex security systems.

  7. Cost-Effective Solutions:

    Opting for the services of an auto locksmith is often a more cost-effective alternative to seeking assistance from a dealership. Auto locksmiths typically offer competitive pricing for their services, providing Renault owners with efficient and budget-friendly solutions to key fob-related problems.


We can help if you have misplaced your only Renault key or Renault key card. Our service is mobile so this allows us to come out to where you are stranded, open your vehicle and program a new key/card whilst you wait. No recovery necessary, and no waiting 5 days for a new key from France!

Do you have just one key? Our lost key customers would say, “Grab a spare before something happens to your only key” Having a spare is well worth the investment. You now have a back up, and it was much cheaper than having to replace your only key if you lost it.

Lost your only Renault key? If you have lost your one and only Renault key we can help. If you speak to the Renault main dealer you will know they will need to order a replacement key in from France, which takes around five days to arrive. Did you know Direct Car Keys keep all Renault keys and cards in stock and in most cases will be able to cut and program a new Renault key on the same day as your phone call.

Renault key card not detected: This is a very common problem with Renault cars that use the card style key. When the card is inserted into the reader a message is can be displayed on the control screen saying “CARD NOT DETECTED”. This usually means the key card is faulty and will need to be replaced. In some cases they can be repaired, but in our experience the repair is only temporary and the card will most likely fail again. We stock a full range of Renault cards and use specialist software to program a new card to your Renault. We can supply and code all types Renault cards and keys.

We currently offer two options with regard to the recent changes of policy surrounding Megane and Scenic cards:

New Genuine Card
We require a copy of your V5, driving license and a utility bill to allow us to order your new card.
Delivery will take 5-10 days.

Copy Aftermarket Card
We simply supply and program an aftermarket copy card for your car.

While we have been informed that Renault plan to extend this policy to the rest of their key cards, we hope that they will see sense and instead revoke the policy. We will of course keep this page updated with any future developments, and would like to reassert that this is due only to a policy change at Renault, not Direct Car Keys.

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