Auto Locksmith Services

Car Key Cutting

Direct Car Keys can cut all manner of car/van keys on the road today. From double sided keys to the Citroen cruxiform key, the Ford tibbie and all types of lazer cut keys for Ford, Vauxhall, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, VW Audi, Seat, Skoda, to name but a few. We have the most advanced cutting machines to duplicate keys onsite in lost key scenarios, whilst ensuring a good stock of transponder keys and remotes.

Car Key Programming / Coding

Most vehicles from 1994 all have factory fitted immobiliser systems. It doesn’t have to be a remote key to be a transponder key either, but without a correctly programmed transponder the vehicle is inhibited from starting. Immobiliser systems and the sophisticated electronic control modules fitted to vehicles means your vehicle is more like a computer network on wheels these days.

Most vehicles will require passcodes or PIN numbers just like your bank card to access the security systems. They are this way to combat the theft of vehicles, so in esscence hotwiring is not able to be done any longer. The PIN allows us to communicate with the immobiliser or ECU in order to erase lost keys or program new keys into a cars system.

We have the latest technology in order to communicate with these systems and for a large majority of vehicles extract the security PIN directly from your vehicle. This allows us to supply you with new keys onsite and cheaper than the main dealer in most cases

Car / Vehicle Entry

Direct Car Keys also offer an emergency entry service to vehicles that have keys locked inside of them. We use NDE (non-destructive entry) techniques leaving no damage to your vehicle whatsoever. The times of using coat hangers is long gone as most vehicles deadlock now meaning even breaking a window to pull the inside handle doesn’t work. Vehicles these days need a key to be inserted and turned in the door lock, or picked open by a professional.

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