Lost and Broken Keys

Have you lost your car keys? Can’t find your replacement car key, or don’t have a spare?

We can replace a large majority car keys for many vehicle makes and models so, whether you need to replace a Ford key, VW key, or Peugeot car key give us a call.

Our mobile auto locksmiths have the latest technology available to replace lost car keys and programme transponders on-site without the need to have your car towed to a Main Dealer making much more convenient.We are able to work wherever you are. We can be called out to your home, workplace, or roadside to offer fast assistance.

Going to Main Dealers?

Main dealers would always ask for you to bring the car to them which requires either organising recovery of the vehicle which is never cheap, or getting towed. In many cases you may have to wait several days for a key to arrive and then for them to program it to your vehicle. One of the biggest disadvantages is the price you will be asked to pay for replacement car keys. Our replacement car keys are priced much lower and you would not normally have to wait several days.

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